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We Should Bring Back The State Guard Units

It is sad to admit how much one doesn't really know the history of one's nation until they start learning on their own. For instance, I bet you are under the Impression the National Guard is the State militia for your State as I did before realizing they are just another Federal Reserve Force. The States used to and some still do have completely independent State Defense Forces that are not beholden to the Establishment, Government to defend against their tyranny in the event the Federal Government goes the way of the Nazi. I believe this is the way forward for every state.


Authored by Doc Comeau on Monday, December 6th, 2021 at 9:14 PM EST


So I think it is important to begin this buy listing all the states that currently have an active and functioning State Defense Force, so those of you out there that want to serve the state, but not be manipulated into Federal Service by joining the National Guard can do so without risk of Federalization without State approval. Knowing your options is the first step in reclaiming your individual and state sovereignty.

According to the State Guard Association of the United States, based on their active list of Commanders there are currently around twenty actively functioning State Defence Forces still operating within the United States. The States with these State Defence Units are as follows Alaska, Alabama, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Mississippi, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. Florida is the most recent state in the Union that has adopted a State Controlled Army in response to increased Federal tyranny. I highly recommend you choose these forces if you wish to serve in defence of your state.

State Guard Units: State Defence Units are as follows Alaska, Alabama, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Mississippi, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. - SGAUS

I am ashamed to admit that for myself, I always assumed that is what the National Guard was or at least what it was supposed to be, but after hearing DeSantis talking about reestablishing a State Guard for Florida I was intrigued. You can hear and read his own words in the excerpt from Forbes Breaking News below, but he brought up a fair point about needing a Defense Force that cannot be hijacked by the Federal Government. They have been increasing more intrusive and authoritarian as of late and now is the time to prepare to defend and sustain our own communities

Reestablishing the Florida State Guard will allow civilians from all over the state to be trained in the best emergency response techniques and have the ability to mobilize very, very quickly - DeSantis

This is an intelligent response to the Federal Government overstepping their authority over the last year and a half DeSantis' plan to establish a separate force is a justified response. Especially since CNN is reporting the Pentagon basically told Oklahoma their National Guard didn't work for them when the State Government tried to protect them from being forced to participate in a medical experiment against their will as a result of the vaccine mandate. The Defense Force for the State has to be beholden to only the State if it is truly meant to defend against the Federal Government in the event it gets violent. The ideal the is basically the foundation of the nation's Second Amendment.

"So one could elect not to take the vaccine of course but then you would be putting at jeopardy your ability to stay in the national guard, which as you know is also a component of the reserve component in the total force, but in the specifics of how that would play out, I'd refer you in this case specifically to the Oklahoma National Guard to speak to." - Pentagon spokesman John Kirby

Our own correspondent and the VP on this whole enterprise already talked about the expansion of the Capital Police. From their own publications they are trying to branch out of the Capital into a nationwide Intelligence Service. Just another Alphabet Agency encroaching on our rights and privacy. Each Congress person can have their team and that is that. We all have our own police force.

The only thing in the Press Release that appears to be a saving grace is the involvement of the GAO (Government Accountability Office), but when you look deeper it is merely an office designated to "enhance" their "controls and processes" not hold them accountable to the outside community. A department with the true focus on implementing a shift in the agency into an "IPA (Intelligence Protective Agency)." - Ken Santos

For those of us that don't live in one of the States above, I have begun the process to try and bring this concept to New Hampshire and you can use it in your own States. First look to see if your state used to have one. It will be easier to revive an inactive unit than create a new one. I was happy to learn New Hampshire does have an inactive State Guard.

Second, you want to start the process, which may be different depending on your state, to get your local Legislators to introduce a bill to start or reactivate a State Defense Force. Here in New Hampshire there is already suck legislation being proposed so for me and those in my situation will simply be writing a letter to my local politicians requesting they support the current effort to institute my local SDF. For the rest of you guys, you need to draft a letter requesting legislation be presented. This process can be greatly helped by getting a petition of people behind it and then your letter represents hundreds or thousands rather than just yourself.

There is not much to do from here, but vote on the proposition if given the opportunity or replacing your local politicians through the electoral process with people agreeable to your requests. Sadly, not all of us will succeed in this endeavor or see it through to the end, but our children will carry the mantle and eventually it will be accomplished. Planting trees whose shade you will never sit under level effort.

This type of effort can be applied to anything you wish to propose to the government. Though it doesn't guarantee they will listen and that is not the subject of this article. We will return our focus to restoring the State Guard.

This article serves as a call to action to get our State Defense Forces back and ensure we have an emergency solution free of Federal Control as our founders intended. Write your representatives, show support for your local State Guard and build your communities again. If the Federal System is not going to protect our rights and defend our communities, then it is time we take that responsibility back from them.


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