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About Us

That's On Point is one of America’s newest news, politics and entertainment media companies and vital outlet for news, opinions, and entertainment not accepted by main stream society.

Conceived by Anthony "Doc" Comeau and Ken Santos while having indepth conversations about the world around them. That's On Point was meant to be something specific in the growing climate of censorship — a truly self-funding business with an emphasis on distribution and marketing content that is not allowed on most media platforms.

In partnership the two founded That's On Point in 2020 with nothing more than a basement, a small thousand dollar savings and the determination to bring people unfiltered, uncensored and outlook on current events. 

Anyway, That's On Point launched from the basement of Ken's domicile, with the original episodes of The That's On Point Podcast and the original articles of The Point Editorial created using his personal computer.

Today, that podcast and Editorial Blog, along with The Thought of the Day, make up the core of That's On Point’s opinion offerings.

The company has a goal of becoming self-funding by reaching enough members to powered its own growth.

That's On Point does not claim to be without bias. We’re opinionated, we’re noisy, and we’re having a good time.


The That's On Point, LLC is owned by Anthony "Doc" Comeau and Ken Santos. This LLC is a 50/50 Partnership with both owners. 



 Owner, CEO, Manager

Anthony "Doc" Comeau

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 Owner, VP, Manager

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