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Daily Wire Showing How You Fight Back

The Daily Wire is truly showing those of us that are sick of the Woke Leftist Cult and its campaign against Free Speech the proper way to fight back. They are taking on the Hollywood Machine by releasing productions created without the entertainment monopoly's network of studios and people and allowing disenfranchised actors, actresses and production crew personnel a means to continue working their trade to feed them and their families. However, the best display of how you fight back has to be their CEO's new company Jeremy's Razors as they launch a campaign against one of their sponsors who dumped them with a public statement demonizing their customer base for Wrong Think.


Authored by Doc Comeau on Monday, March 24rd, 2022 at 1:55 PM EST


Seriously, they have launched a comedy show with Adam Corolla Truth Yeller, movies like Shut In and Run, Hide, FIght, and documentaries for more than just political topics like the Apollo 11 mission. I myself enjoyed Run, Hide, Fight which was a nice take on viewing a school shooting through the eyes of the students experiencing it. I haven't watched Shut In myself, but it is responsible for such gems as "I Watched A Ben Shapiro Movie By Accident."

The author of this magnificent display of Woke Leftism Cult behavior freaked out after accidentally enjoying a movie produced by the Conservative outlet the Daily Wire. According to this woman after tweeting about her enjoyment over Daily Wire's new Thriller her friend quickly had to call her to correct her blasphemous behavior. How dare she enjoy the movie created by such wretched people? Her exact quote is above and the link and archive is below if you want to read this dumpster fire yourself.

"“if you’re looking for something to watch, SHUT IN, is pretty fun and vincent gallo gets his ass kicked if you’re into that sort of thing.” That’s a tweet I wrote a couple of weeks ago late on a Saturday night. It no longer exists. The reason it doesn’t exist is because almost immediately after I posted it, I got a DM from a friend: “uh, you know that movie was produced by the ultra-right-wing daily wire with only ultra-right-wing producers, talent, and so forth, for that market?” Uh, what? No. No! Delete! Delete!" - Angry Leftist

I myself have watched Run, Hide, FIght and can attest to its quality as a film, but I suggest you go and experience it for yourself. This parallel entertainment economy has already saved the career of Gina Carano. According to the Hollywood Reporter they are backing her next project Terror on the Prairie. A movie I am looking forward to also enjoy and reviewing for all of you.

Now on to the best display of fighting back in our culture war I have ever witnessed. The Jeremy's Razors company. The Daily Wire's long-term sponsor Harry's Razors recently canceled their sponsorship with a public tweet basically attacking their fans for having the audacity to have a different world view. Here is Harry's Razor's Tweet for you to read for yourselves.


Daily Wire's CEO fired back with the greatest response ever, he launched his own company to compete with Harry's while generating the lost revenue himself. This is a brilliant move not only to you recover the lost revenue you hurt the bottom line of garbage companies pushing the ideology of the Woke Cultists. Below is the commercial they launched for this company and its truly magnificent.



Hate them or love them, there is no denying they are leading the fight against the Woke Left Corporate Media Establishment. We can all take lessons on how to fight this culture war and act accordingly. It may be time for us to develop our own network of everything just to stay safe from the cancel culture mob.


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