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Elon Musk Now Sits On Twitter Board of Directors

This week has been one fascinating week for everyone over at Twitter. Tesla's Techno King has joined the chat and the Leftists over that cesspool must be worried. Elon Musk has been talking an awful lot about Free Speech on Twitter and just became majority shareholder on their Board of Directors


Authored by Doc Comeau on Wednesday, April 6th, 2022 at 2:35 PM EST


Musk is a notorious internet troll on Twitter. Just recently, he published a Tweet that challenged Putin to a duel over Ukraine. Something I would pay to see if Musk showed up in a Tesla powered Ironman suit. According to USA Today Musk has just inserted himself into affairs over at Twitter. They explain that after purchasing "9%" majority share in the company Elon has been admitted to the company's Board of Directors. Unfortunately, it was only as Director of Twitter on not a cool meme title like Techno King.

"Elon Musk is joining Twitter's board of directors a day after disclosing that the Tesla CEO took a 9% stake in the social media platform." - USA Today

His new seat hasn't even got warm yet and he has already begun polling users on suggested changes. Changes such as Free Speech and an edit button. Our Tech Overlords must be worried about their Censorship Machine.



It's still too early to tell of Musk can make any changes over at Twitter. He is there no Guarantee we will like any of the changes he does makes. One thing is for certain, we are all waiting to see if he ends the biased banning of speech.


1) Gannett Satellite Information Network. (2022, April 5). Elon Musk appointed to Twitter's board after buying 9% stake. USA Today. Retrieved April 6, 2022, from


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