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Where’s My Ballot?

The counting continues and tension is high. Everyone continues to watch and wonder what the outcome might be. One thing is for certain is, the more this drags out the crazier things become. More allegations of impropriety come forward almost every day. There does seem to be a stronger presence of foul play.

Authored by Ken Santos on Tuesday, November 10th, 2020 at 8:00 PM EST

Photo by Obi Onyeador

With that being said the ruling found in Pennsylvania has ruled the segregated ballots are to be thrown out due to improper procedures. This is certainly a win for Team Trump. This comes alongside another federal lawsuit levied to investigate the possibility of voter fraud in Michigan by the actual voters there. Experts keep saying there is no validity to any of these claims, but things keep moving in a red direction and the hand recounts.

Now statistics continue to favor Team Biden, but Trump’s fight is far from over. Alaska and North Carolina are on the Trump train and Georgia continues the hand recount. This combined with Wisconsin joining the recounting effort certainly gives Trump a small path to victory. With the counts increasing and skepticism growing, the one question I have is what happens to the votes that will inevitably get thrown out during this process? Are they fraudulent votes, votes from the Zombie voter’s society of America or just errors? Maybe they are legitimate votes that may also be lost due to improper storage, handling, and security of our ballots.

One thing is for certain the American people deserve 100% transparency throughout this process. So, will there be a live and accurate breakdown provided by the current findings provided at all times, are people going to be informed or will they just expect us to move passed the answer so many are searching for these uncertain times. I for one believe the American people deserve the answers.

One faction believes we should just throw out the votes that have been tampered with, another thinks that every single vote should be counted regardless of any and all circumstances and some go as far as calling for the entire election to be redone. While I am among those that would like to see a whole new election, the fact is there should be more overall clarity in the voting process and legal consequences need to be levied against the appropriate parties if any are found during this process. America should not have to wait for answers because she deserves to be informed throughout the process and her people can’t trust the process if everyone is singing a different tune.


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