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Updated: Jul 17, 2021

With the election process picking up speed, the concern only grows bigger every day. With the similarities with the downfall of the socialist state of Yugoslavia, it has only become clear we are following the same path. Americans seem to see these same events unfold right before their eyes. These similarities have been growing more visible as the same practices used there are coming to life for our children.

Authored by Ken Santos on Sunday, November 15th, 2020 at 8:00 AM EST

Photo by Pedro Kümmel

During, the 90s Yugoslavia fought a bloody Civil War that ended with the dissolution of their entire country. These events began with the rise of National Socialism. Just as with the socialists here in the states, the socialists in Yugoslavia started these events by separating people into distinct groups.

The National Socialists there at the time manipulated these factions into fighting each other and used them to keep the political control they had with communism before the tearing down of the Berlin Wall. These same things are happening here in the states with the Democratic Socialists dividing us by race, religion, sex, and creed. Just Like Yugoslavia, we are witnessing riots and burning our cities to the ground. It leads us toward the same civil conflict that destroyed that nation.

How can the American people be expected to have to come to terms with this fact? Our government is supposed to preserve our union and rights, and they only seem to be dividing us and infringing those rights. If we cannot mend this growing divide, there might be a more direct action required to ensure our liberty and freedoms. For the sake of future generations, there may be a strong need to evoke the 2nd amendment.

One thing is for certain, this agenda they push in the name of equality is nothing more than communism. All it succeeds in accomplishing is to further polarize our nation by dividing friends and family by praying on our hopes and fears. An agenda, protected by the Democratic party in the name of social justice.

The globe's embracing of this trend toward united socialism raises concerns for many Americans and our counterparts in other nations. Many people wonder if this is the beginning of the end of western society. One thing I am sure of is this will be the end of our Constitutional rights and our republic. We have to stop allowing them to use our fears and hatred and preserve our way of life for our children, their children, and for many generations to come.

Accomplishing this will not be a simple task. These people have entrenched themselves in every aspect of our society. They teach our children in schools. They deliver our mail. They make and serve our food and even hold positions in the government all around the nation. Now we have to stand and speak up to stop this before it gets to the levels that we will never return. We must hold strong and come as one for the freedom that every American deserves together. Otherwise, we may be forced to water the Tree of Liberty.


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