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U.S. China Trade Relations

While we continue on this never ending political rollercoaster it pushes China and the US to continue to have less and less restrictions on their relationship. As we look deeper we see surprisingly both nations have some of the same restrictions. The progression of Biden in conjunction with other world leaders pushing off a miss conception in regards to the visual relationship with China. Creating the illusion of keeping the supposed continuation of these restrictions.

Authored by Ken Santos on Monday, July 24th, 2021 at 12:15 PM EST

Photo by Adeolu Eletu

Now the U.S. government is creating a new form of digital trade agreement to move into play in the near future. This could possibly reverse all of these restrictions currently in play. Keeping all on their toes in anticipation of the progression of the deal in progress. The part that is clear is they have in the works a plan that would deliver a clear understanding in regards to data protection as well e-commerce.

The concern that is present is how at this point diplomats are refusing to establish the economic dialogue meetings as the most pivotal form of relations between the U.S. and China. As some have seen, similar business risks would be prevalent in mainland China to sway people to try and return their businesses to China as the problems businesses may be facing would be the same across the globe. Some even suggesting that ending these relations during the Trump administration was not well advised by some.

What makes this so relevant is it all plays into how the stability between great powers are holding in the current day. What might be relevant to their standing in today's world? We seem to be going back to the time of the cold war which brings some light to the hands being played and how it should stand. Communist blocks barely traded in any faction at the time should be a clear indicator to the increase in the threat levels.

This can be related as far back to when we battled with Britain that was also the largest trade dealer at that present time. When this should deliver the true correlation from these current events and how they are breaking down and the signs that might be given by these prevalent actions. Begs the question of coincidence or is there a bigger picture we might be missing in the larger scheme of things. If we are leading to this possible future the real concern is are we prepared for example when Britain was blocking trade to Germany to starve them cause the enemy took the route of sending u-boats to sink ships so they wouldn't be able to receive.

To elaborate on the current connection to China, this has to do with the current progression. The main focus of trade deals from 1981 through 2019 was always to increase the trade deals. That would allow them to have majority control on all consumables and goods of all sorts. Keeping a trend of deteriorating almost as frequently as to increase continues to be an ever growing point to not forget what we can learn from the past and what allows us to see how these events should never be forgotten but yet referenced to keep from occurring again.


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