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The Dark Winter

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

With the media coming to an all-time low with their recent display of the kind of hatred of the truth that is simply unacceptable and their spreading of false information do you really trust any of them? The Media is spinning a false narrative that is based on projected results that are not true. False information that sadly seems to be accepted by most Americans.

Authored by Ken Santos on Tuesday, November 10th, 2020 at 9:30 PM EST

Photo by Josh Hild

“We are about to go into a dark winter.” - Joe Biden

There is a large one-sided view being shown here by almost every one of the mainstream media companies. A view I believe is to keep you all from accepting the reality that the election is not over at this point and there is no President Elect at this current time. All to make people truly believe Biden won or that Trump doesn’t have a path to victory through the courts.

However, let’s assume for a second Biden really is the President Elect. With this reality we all have to consider the important issues at hand coming down the line if there guess holds strong. I wonder how many people out of all of them that are paying attention and understand after either reading or listening to Biden’s camp talking about a Dark Winter and the possibility of another shutdown are okay with his wish to rejoin the World Health Organization.

The idea of rejoining the W.H.O doesn’t scare you after all the false information they pushed at the request of the Chinese. It scares some people. The entire country doesn’t trust the W.H.O. This is a problem since the majority should not be the determining faction in rejoining the organization

The W.H.O is a foreign Organization and as such does not have just the interests of the American people at their core. This is a problem since in the United States the majority doesn’t have control over the minority. The only way to prevent the majority from forcing the minority to serve foreign interests is by requiring a unanimous agreement to enter into such an agreement.


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