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The Rise of Medical Fascism

There has never been a time in my life I wished more that I was wrong over the last couple of decades, but time and time again my predictions on what to expect become our reality. Ten years before the Boston Marathon Bombing I said we would see IEDs somewhere in the homeland and it happened. I now believe civil conflict or a societal collapse is imminent. A prediction based off the current rise of planetwide fascism taking hold over the administration of our governments.


Authored by Doc Comeau on Monday, August 2nd, 2021 at 8:00 AM EST

Original Photo By; U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Christine Groening)

When this first began the governments of the world told the people of the world that fifteen days would be long enough to slow the spread of this virus. Fifteen days become a few months and in some places a few months became a year and a half. Now, after we have all enjoyed our summers and got a taste of normal they are talking more lockdowns unless you take the heralded jab.

You can go back through our library of podcast and you can find several instances where I said more lockdowns were going to come and that the government would turn the safety recommendations into mandates. Well That day has come as several governments have already begun entering some form of lockdown.

Several countries around the world have seen protests and civil unrest. Australia is one such country. According to an interview with Australia Channel NIne News, New South Wales Police minister David Elliott said the police would be setting up a new task force to hunt down and arrest those that were protesting the lockdowns and COVID mandates. I thought Australia was supposed to be among those countries that have the right to protest their grievances with their governing bodies?

" I am annoucing the formation of Strike Force Seasoned. Which will see twenty-two detectives to work from now until whenever it concludes, identifying as many people possible who attended today's inncodent and have them charged."

This is not all that is happening Down Under. According to NPR the police are not going to be the only organization participating in the fascist attack on free speech and protest. They report that the Australian "Soldiers" will be joining the hunt for those who spoke out against the ongoing "lockdown" of "Sydney."

The article goes on to note that those members of the nation's armed forces that will be joining the task force would not be carrying any weaponry. However, over "two hundred" will be going around the lockdown area and "knocking on doors" to make sure that residents are obeying the "strict stay-at-home measures." Measures that are quite frankly fascist in nature as every human on earth deserves the right to move about the world in the pursuit of life.

Australia is not the only nation among the block of countries known as the Western World or the Free World that is facing acts of medical fascism. France is seeing its own civil unrest as the people take to the streets in opposition to the Vaccine Passport Mandate passed by the countriy's parliament. Protests that have begun to get a bit more volatile as time goes on.

The protests against the country's push for vaccine identification to use local businesses that began on the fourteeth of this month, have also met with police action according to Al Jazeera. They say that the French "Interior Ministry" has identified "fifty three" independent "protests" across the nation. One in the nation's capital getting out of control as the authorities try and quell the crowd using "tear gas" in response to being shot by fireworks.

"According to Al Jazeera, “Down with dictatorship”, “Down with the health pass” protesters chanted."

Creating things like a passport to access certain things like public recreation facilities, businesses and the area where one can obtain the food and water they need to survive is not dissimilar to the badges the Nazis made the Jewish people wear during the last Great War. A symbol that evolved into permanent tattoo makings relegating them into nothing but numbers. Numbers used in a number of horrific and evil scientific and medical experiments. Experiments that led to the creation of the Nuermberg Code.

According to Evelyne Shuster, Ph.D. in and article published in the New England Journal of Medicine the primary tenant of the Nuremberg Code is that "the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential." If you are forcing unreasonable restrictions on access to basic human rights and necessities to get people to participate or flat out force them into this medical experiment you are actively violating an internationally recognized basic human right to not participate in such experiments if you so choose.

According to Evelyne Shuster, Ph.D. in and article published in the New England Journal of Medicine the primary tenant of the Nuremberg Code is that "the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential."

I know there are a lot of you out there that do not think that will be able to happen here in the United States, but our government has conducted medical experiments on its citizens in our past. According to Bloomberg Politics our own president said forced vaccinations for federal employees was on the table. He also insulted the reporter by implying she was not intelligent is she doesn't participate in this experiment.

Reporter - "Will you require all federal employees to get vaccinated?"
President Biden - "That's under consideration, but if you are not vaccinated you are not nearly as smart as I thought you were."


A promise he fulfilled a few days later when he revealed that everyone that held government jobs were in fact going to have to take the jab. The AP News reports that the President has indeed directed federal employees to take the vaccination or risk losing their jobs. If you don't take the jab, AP News says that Biden said that the would have to undergo "weekly testing, masking, distancing and other new rules."

There are other examples of these types of actions being on the horizon in the United States, but this article is already long winded for the sake of absolute clarity so I will move on. If you are in the states all hope is not lost we are still the last bastion of freedom left and there are states you can retreat to that are more aligned with your values. Everyone is different and this is not the only option for freedom minded individuals, but for me that state is New Hampshire. Partly due to the fact that our Governor is actively trying to fight this medical nonsense.

New Hampshire is doing much more than opposing the mandated and pressured medical experiment, but the action related to the topic at hand come in the form of bills signed into law by Governor Sununu. According to WBZ NewsRadio 1030, a local news radio show, Sununu signed into law a bill that makes requiring the vaccination to enter "public" spaces. A bill that they say is called the "Medical Freedom legislation." A bill that keeps with the spirit of the state's motto Live Free Or Die.

CBS Boston reports that our Governor also has no intension to bring back and of the restrictions we had over the last year and a half. To go as far to say that he "opposes" a return of the "mask mandate." Now we just have to ensure we outlaw new lockdowns and we can actually adapt to the new world we now live in.

To go as far to say that he "opposes" a return of the "mask mandate."

Now I know that is not the say all be all of the politicians and that they tend to say one thing and do another, but Sununu has a great track record of siding with what is true and just. The New Hampshire people have an affinity for freedom that rivals all other. An affinity that goes back to the founding of our nation.

Now this has never been a discussion on whether or not you should or shouldn't get vaccinated. That is and has always been a decision, individuals should make with the advice from medical professionals they can trust. It should not be mandated or pushed by society or the government.

I have my own beliefs on the topic and will take the chances with my own immune system, but the fact remains whether it's done directly or indirectly by making it harder to function in society these measures are a violation of our basic human freedoms and the internationally drafted Nuremberg Code. If we continue down this path we will become no better than the Nazis of World War II.



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