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Still No President-Elect

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Although the political circus continues as we see turmoil across the country, there is only one question that comes to mind. Have we just witnessed the beginning of the next revolution? Americans are starting to make a stand all around the country and there seems to be an ever growing stance on keeping the independence our nation was founded upon. Americans on both sides are increasingly pushing for answers to this unanswered question: how accurate have any of our elections been to date and when will we see the proof?

Authored by Ken Santos on Wednesday, December 31st, 2020 at 7:00 PM EST

Photo by Clay Banks

The question that we all keep searching for clarity on has even been brought up from Nancy Pelosi and others in the previous election for the president in 2016 to start raising the concern of voter fraud in the American people. Now, for whatever reason they are pushing the idea that the probability of such a is nonexistent with no validity to support these claims, even with all the evidence in hand to clarify. As the call for president comes closer with the sixth approaching the demand for answers grows throughout the United States of America from all necks of the woods for the country and even more so in cities across are great nations.

Even still the American people stay vigilant in their stance for honor, integrity, justice and freedom to come back to them. The desire for our institutions that are supposed to be defending these core values to get back to doing this and help build the country we all come to love only grows stronger the more the government increases its authoritarian control.. They are getting prepared for the coming of the next revolution. Sales of firearms set new records for the first time in a generation. Showing us how the fear of an out of control government has travelled across all cultures in our country and the people are starting to ensure the safety and liberty they and their families deserve themselves.

The people continue to show their grit despite the ever growing strain on their patience and wait to see how the sixth turn out. Will we be given an understanding on how our country will be shaped for years to come or will this become the America that we have grown to love and be proud of? Being an American born free sharing that freedom with their progeny for generations to come. At the moment, these questions continue to persist and we continue to answer them because life demands it.


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