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Status of the Ongoing Election Audits

Many states around the country have been working diligently with unwavering devotion to finding out the truth behind all the election complaints. Arizona and Georgia are the two of all these states getting the most attention by the media and internet as of late. These two states found enough during these initial audits to have state senators call to have the election uncertified in Arizona and to have election officials fired and prosecuted in Georgia. I am about to tell you what they found and what it may suggest regarding the legitimacy of the sitting President.

Authored by Doc Comeau on Saturday, July 17th, 2021 at 7:55 PM EST

In Arizona, they found over 75000 mail-in ballots that were received and counted but were never mailed out by the state. If you do not believe me, you can watch the Arizona States Senate hearing yourself and make up your own mind. I, for one, would like to know where these ballots came from, who counted them and why they were counted. This is only one of the Arizona Audit’s findings, and it alone is enough to call the election into question.

Let me explain myself. The reason why I say these illegal ballots cast could be enough to sway the election is because Biden only won Arizona by 10000 votes. If there are 10000 Biden votes in this batch of invalid ballots he did not win. Only time will tell if the ballots will be thrown out. The auditors requested the authorization to go door to door to find out if these people actually voted and live at the addresses listed. I will refrain from premature judgement until this process is completed.

Georgia had its own findings revealed during its ongoing audit. They confirmed what we all knew to be the truth when the videos of them kicking watchers out and then pulling ballots from under the table came forward. They were counting ballots multiple times. This included marking some Trump votes as votes for Biden. This has sparked Georgia’s Secretary of State to call for the county in question’s election officials to be fired and held accountable for the blatant fraud.

I am not sure where we go as a nation from this point. This only strengthens the belief the election was stolen by the Communist Party of America, and of course I mean the DNC. This combined with the White House Press Secretary on the podium stating that the White House is working with Facebook and other Social Media companies to violate your First Amendment rights. Censorship they want to extend to phone carriers and your private text messages amongst yourselves.

One thing is for sure the current President needs to be recalled, a short term replacement needs to be chosen by the American people not the Establishment Uniparty and a new election needs to be held. If not a new election, then at the very least a forensic audit needs to occur in every state in the union to determine the true winner. Otherwise, no American with half a brain will ever trust in our election system again.


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