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New Gettysburg Address

While there is a continuation in the legal proceedings, the Pennsylvania Legislators held a public hearing today in Gettysburg to hear the facts of the affidavits from the people in order to determine the precedent to allow their decisions moving forward. The information delivered came from a combination of people at all levels from lawyers to poll watchers. This testimony went as far as to include average Americans coming across their votes already being cast and even irregularities between printouts including or not including the president on it, but told it was counted either way.

Authored by Ken Santos on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 at 7:30 PM EST

Expert witnesses also gave testimony that the machines themselves violated election laws. This includes easy system tampering, the ability to batch file groups of votes and assign them to the candidate of your choice, and the fact they were connected to the internet. These witnesses went on to state that it was not only possible to add votes via a USB drive, but it happened over 24 times. It is not abnormal to transfer tallied votes from the polling stations to the counting area with a USB, but it is usually one or two drives, not two dozen. Also, these same USB drives were nowhere to be found during the canvassing process alongside a missing laptop.

These irregularities include possible ballot box stuffing as there were garbage bags and boxes that's origin could not be determined. Not only can batches of votes be switched, but there were also folded ballots fed in the machines multiple times for being rejected with no way to determine if they were counted each time or not. This has delivered a level of clarity to define this process as unconstitutional and this is the only fact that can be viewed as clear and transparent. This has to be apparent to all Americans.

The precedent set by these preceding will set the path forward for other states in our country and in turn how we react to the entire world. This may be the beginning of the real awakening in American Politics. The evidence given here today is hard to ignore and there has begun a process that if successful will only further anger the left-wing extremists. One thing is sure if Arizona's hearing on the 30th or Michigan's on the 1st follows the same path it may include a possible turn in mainstream media due to the clarity in the process that will be impossible to ignore.

Whether you accept the evidence or not it does seem like the Pennsylvania State Legislators do accept it. They only seem to want clarification on things they were investigating individually already and whether or not they had the Constitutional authority to actually do something about it. After learning they do have this authority the vowed to send there own electors to select the right president in this election, that this will never happen again in any election in the state moving forward, and even ended with the bold statement of this being the Constitutional Republic and we are going to keep it.


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