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Love and Relationships

There have been many studies to deliver a clearer answer on the psychology of love and the need to know to be successful in all relationships and what to avoid. We will take a dive into the 10 known various topics surrounding the psychological aspect that make up the mental perceptions and what forms them. Learn that there is more than just gazing into each other's eyes as well as looking at the world in a much broader view, allowing them to be able to look onward together with the same goals to grow.

Authored by Ken Santos on Monday, July 19th, 2021 at 2:57 PM EST

The first part we will dive into being that for most that don't realize the ability to fall in love truly only takes approximately one-fifth of a second to start developing euphoric-inducing chemicals in the brain which in turn tells the brain love for that instance. After many studies they have been able to identify at least 12 different parts of the brain that are affected by this increased level of euphoria. It has been shown that it creates specifically a concoction of neurotransmitters, including oxytocin, vasopressin, adrenaline, including dopamine that has been explained as the similar feeling from cocaine.

With the notion of contributing love to lust that in most cases the neural differences in love and lust deliver surprising overlaps and differences in the neurological system due to the chemicals being produced to do the encounter. With these chemicals in the brain being increased have shown that certain parts of the brain are strongly affected by this chemical change. Has proven from the emotion driven part of the brain to involve motivation as well higher level thought this has allowed studies to show.

This proves it can be associated with higher level thought to go as far as playing a role in the striatum that controls the higher and lower levels of function. Now, after gaining the understanding of how the brain can be affected at a chemical level this explains how the emotional or physical elements of an individual could change based on the balance switch in the brain.

Now let's take a deeper dive into some of the most common perceptions of love and how some find a connection worth keeping. Brings us to the original trend that seems to hold strong how kissing still seems to be equally important on both spectrums for women and men to show that it still can in some cases play a strong role in the overall compatibility. Judging from how soft or firm to include from nibbling and blowing upon the lips to stimulate an ever changing form of euphoria.

Keep in the notion that it all still plays a part in the overbearing feeling of how connected the party feels that is better categorized as the feeling of belongingness to the individual that delivers the increased chemistry. The largest part that is most important in the overall development in any relationship is how the other preserves the individual's overall drive and in other words, worth in their own lives and the development that can be built together.

In contrast to most beliefs, studies show that long distance relationships have been proven to work on a higher score than originally perceived while most seem to believe that the notion of something that would be observed as complex and unsustainable. These findings show that sharing more intimate information between each other has proven to strengthen the overall bond built between these two individuals. Including a stronger idealized view of their partner that is developed that continues to prove similar or greater levels of relationship stability and satisfaction as seen in those who are close in proximity with one another.

Learned from my own experiences after being in a long distance relationship for 9 years I have gathered the connection built in this manner I believe is stronger and delivers a deeper level of connection to the individual on a more solid base. The overall effort involved is slightly increased when traveling is put into the equation that also helps develop the growing trust on a level that is built through true communication and respect for one another. Shows an ever growing drive to overcome any obstacles to ensure physical connection is met time and time again to ensure the absolute stability of the relationship being established on a level completely built on trust and respect.

Let's now take a deeper look at the opposing end of this spectrum for a moment on how some actions have been proven to dissolve relationships continuously. Some of the leading contributors from repeated criticism that delivers nothing but a sense of resentment towards the resipricent on an ongoing basis to over time completely diminish their sense of self confidence. To include large levels of contempt in a form of sarcasm that has grown over time due to a level of self resentment of loathing and in some cases the absolute proof of the diminishing level of respect and connection over a period. Will also show that with stonewalling used as a defensive mechanism which is when the communication almost completely shuts down due to this approach.

Shows that people are able to solve district in any aspect of existence if they choose to focus on the aspects that destroy instead of working to rectify the overall reason that is contributing to the actions that lead to the never ending cycle that always ends the same in all situations. Given the current understanding upon the neurological components involved in the overall ability to decipher the compelling differences established by the feelings produced the key is to be aware of the factors at play and more or less the ability to adult and make the decisions that should be made under the understanding at hand.

Now, finally, brings us to the conclusion of the final yet overlooked part of the psychology of love and relationships. With the miss belief that love can be bought and sold typically missing the large piece that is solely contributed to the acknowledgement of the little things that hold the most weight in these causes and can solidify the standing in all relationships. With these points in all standing of love and relationships the real questions are how does this play a role in your life.


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