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The ever growing normality of ghosting in dating today has seemed to reach unprecedented levels showing the true instability of the current dating market with no clear sense of dignity. While this trend has sadly grown from just being used in most cases as necessary has turned into the number one dating curve of the quick escape showing the level of maturity in the current dating scene that shows the true quality of relationships today.

Authored by Ken Santos on Monday, July 19th, 2021 at 2:46 PM EST

Now becoming the dating norm has been leading to the trend of a large percentage of Women looking for real numbers to help gauge the level of connection to ensure a relationship that has the ability to grow. As we can see from the progression from normal dating that has even hit celebrities showing that no matter the end of the spectrum no one is above the trend. There seems to be no level of true understanding on how it plays a big role in the mental stability of some due to the damage created from the previous shutdowns.

That leads us to the ones that ghosts do have the inept ability to handle the commitment that they tried to create to realize it is more that they were truly prepared for so escape to save themselves the humility. Brings them to shut off to keep safe from their choices and what accountability they hold in their decisions. Gaining information from psychology today we learn one of the main contributors of ghosting is contributing to a sense of cowardice as well in cases of cognitive dissonance.

Due to the brain having a preexisting belief to a certain communication or freezing that triggers a reactive part of the brain that leads to a form of elaborate cognitive gymnastics to convince that the action was appropriate that in some cases have shown that have been proven to not be able to establish growth mindset in regards to romance. Will in some cases lead to an increase in emotional consequences that can be anywhere from mild to severe.

This will sometimes lead to a level of ambiguity that gives no level of closure that with the wrong person could lead to levels considered as emotional cruelty. The lasting damage to the overall dating scene makes the ability to build lasting relationships, even further discouraging people from the belief that what they are searching for might not be obtainable. The research that we are looking at has even been shown it can even, in really extreme cases cause neurological pathways as physical pain.

This also brings us to the more confusing end of the spectrum where they need the ability to truly understand the feelings being felt and how to handle this might be the way they are able to establish the space required. To allow this it is best to accept the outcome and learn and build from it to gain the most positive from this experience. Keep in mind this is just a few perspectives on the subject with others from fear of rejection to the more common fear of being hurt, but no matter the reason it shows a level of character that might not be found in any other means. So truly take the best out of it and learn to be more aware of the people u keep in your circle and if they deserve to be there.


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