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Updated: Jul 8, 2021

While we progress into the never-ending struggle to be one country, there is one question that sits at the top of everyone’s mind in regards to the never-ending cycle of impeachments. We can't but ask if the waste of American dollars on this circus is justified or are they just pushing the never-ending hate the Democratic Party seems to keep delivering. The feeling of Americans seems to be frustration as we keep funding such a waste of a constitutional process, despite Biden himself saying it was not going to go anywhere.

Authored by Ken Santos on Thursday, January 28th, 2020 at 7:00 PM EST

Photo By; Mike Doherty

Knowing the current President's opinion, one cannot help but look on in confusion as he implies that it needs to happen seems despite his personal opinion that it is a useless and futile effort. With no real consideration of the lack of focus on the continuing pandemic, Americans have spoken and as a result, Biden’s approval rating has already dipped below fifty percent. The lack of focus on funding a much-needed relief package that must be put into the American pockets does not help matters.

This trend of blunders continues with the lack of vaccines being available for people who desire to take them. A blunder due to an inability to maintain storage standards causes an overwhelming amount of vaccines to go bad. Instead of focusing on Biden and his Administration’s plan and process to rectify this, all the focus is being pushed to the impeachment that has no bearing on reality or the future seeing as Trump is already out of office. The only reason to continue this negligent waste of resources is to ensure Donald Trump can never run for office again. This is nothing more than the establishment politicians wielding government power to silence their opposition and instead of getting solutions to our issues we are given a display of fascism.

Now looking back to reflect on their current focus of time and funding we the dropping of their originally granted additional stimulus check of $2000 down to $1400 with no real time frame for distribution. Biden also has yet to dismiss the National Guard from the capital despite their presence violating the Posse Comitatus and Act. Though his biggest walk back was on his campaign to do better in regards to the COVID virus that has now become no different than Trump’s due to the fact there isn’t anything more we can do to change the pandemic’s trajectory over the coming months. After the election, it is beginning to be clear to all Americans the promises they made when entering office have all been thrown out the window and their true agenda is starting to emerge delivering clarity on what their intentions truly are.

As we all watch reality unfold like an episode of the Twilight Zone we see these people acting and becoming that which they claimed Trump to be all this time. This means we really need to look closely at the scene unfolding before us as it begins to fade away and reveal the fascism it was masking. Evidence by a strong number of the Democratic ran areas now pushing to open up knowing the only way to recover from the never-ending deficit created due to the negligent handling of the situation. Only time will tell how these areas will now develop and grow moving forward. One thing is for certain, the worst is yet to come.


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