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Doc Reviews Major Grom: Plague Doctor On Netflix

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Welcome back you Inglorious Bastards and Magnificent Bitches. It is I, Doc Comeau and we are back for another movie review. Today we are reviewing Major Grom: Plague Docotor from Netflix's library or original films.

Authored by Doc Comeau on Tuesday, July 21th, 2021 at 7:00 PM EST

Photo from IMDb

This is going to be an interesting experience. I never really intentionally watched a random movie I didn't have at least some interest in. However, I saw the play something random section on Netflix and kept clicking next until it gave me a film.

As stated prior Major Grom: Plague Doctor is a Netflix original film written by Vladimir Besedin, Evgeny Eronin, and Artyom Gabrelyanov. It's a crime drama about everyone's favorite police office hunting down a deranged murder wearing a plague mask. An accessory chosen because the psychopath believes everyone has the Plague and needs to be sterilized.

I went into this thinking I was going to watch your run of the mill crime drama, but this one had a comic book twist. It's based on a comic of the same name by Russian publisher Bubble Comics. A thing the film's main antagonist emulates in mind body and soul.

Major Grom was directed by Oleg Trofim and stars Tikon Zhiznevskiy.

Zhiznevskiy is Igor Grom a major in his local police outfit known for being unrelenting towards the underbelly of society. A true detective on the case of his life.

Grom's suspect and the main protagonist of the film is the Plague Docotor. A role portrayed by Sergei Goroshko and voiced by Goroshko and Dmitry Chebotaryov. A role Goroshko had to lose weight to fill.

In his pursuit of Justice Grom tends to prefer to work alone, but in an attempt to get him to pursue more than

just work he is assigned a police officer in training as a partner by the name Dima Dubin. Dublin is portrayed by Alexander Seteykin. He is a straight and narrow, by the book, nerdy character and is the perfect sidekick for Grom.

The two of them are joined by a journalist trying to get the scoop on the Plague Doctor story named Yulia Pchelkina. Yulia was brought to life by actress

Lyubov Aksyonova. She also serves as a love interest for our hero Grom.

I can't tell you what I thought of the different areas of this review as I can't avoid spoilers, I have to give you my rating first. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being God awful and 10 being amazing I would give it an 9.5. This was a fantastic film that subverted my expectations.

I was expecting a average film at best but I got the perfect blend of cop drama with superhero dripped on top. A movie that had the best underlying message any story can achieve. The hero of this story was not the Batman level individual his advisory was and this gave the message you can achieve the seemingly unachievable if you have the drive and conviction to achieve it and the support network to pick you back up when get knock down.

This message combined with excellent performances and good Cinematography is what ultimately led to this being a movie I thoroughly enjoyed. Even though I wouldn't have watched it based off the cover art and description I am glad Netflix's random selection feature showed this to me. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys crime dramas, superhero films or just a general fan of film.


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Major Grom: Plague Doctor. Directed by Oleg Trofim, performances by Tikhon Zhiznevskiy, Evgeny Eronin, Sergio Goroshko. , 2021.


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