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Biden’s First Day

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

At this point in our country, we have begun the beginning of the Biden presidency. As we dabble into the current changes that have taken place at this time we are given a clear indicator on what direction our country is beginning to trend. For some, this was planned for some time and now for others reality that the establishment will come for them as well is slowly beginning to be highlighted and the real agenda is beginning to play out. Causing Americans to slowly begin to understand some of those easily demonized opinions are now appearing to be the truth.

Authored by Ken Santos on Friday, January 22nd, 2020 at 6:00 PM EST

Photo By; Markus Spiske

The beginning of the Biden Administration has been filled with rapid change. Starting off Biden has rejoined the Paris accords and in doing so becoming a part of We originally departed from the accords due to the lack in what it delivered in relation to combating climate change and the financial burden it places on the United States in relation to the lower burden given to the most serve contributors to the problem. We need to negotiate a new climate agreement that focuses on the issue and doesn’t give the government an excuse to tax the issues away.

Additionally, the new Administration made the decision that puts us back into the W.H.O (World Health Organization) despite the fact we left the organization due to the misinformation they were spreading and the financial burden being held mainly by the American people for an organization that should be equally supported by the entire world. To enable an organization that lies and does not at least tell the truth about a potential pandemic to continue to have a say in the matters that govern the American people is irrational at best. Even the W.H.O. itself has acknowledged the precautions Werill advised and the consequences will be worse than the disease itself.. The damage that has been done because of their overwhelming negligence should not be rewarded with compliance.

On day one the new President chose to cancel the Key Stone Pipeline and the border wall construction. Both projects had been approved and money already allotted and in turn may result in breaches of contract. Canada sure seems to believe this is the case as they have filed a lawsuit stating as much on the behalf of the Canadian workers. Either Way the loss of both these projects has caused a loss of jobs and income in an already financially trying time. With this trend coming out the gate, the American people may be subject to hardships as we continue to alienate ourselves and our allies.


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