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As we just witnessed a political awakening, there seems to be a change to the Circuit Court under Title 28 Section 42. These changes could not have come at a better time. These changes are a blessing to those that want a fair and open election.

Authored by Ken Santos on Sunday, November 22nd, 2020 at 12:00 PM EST

Justice Alito will remain in charge of the courts in the state of Pennsylvania, where he has already been fighting with the local election officials in legal battles. Justice Kavanaugh will be overseeing Michigan. Newly appointed Justice Barrett will take his place at the head of the courts of Wisconsin, where a scrutinizing recount process has begun. Finally, Justice Thomas got reassigned to Eleventh Circuit Court. A position where he will be handling the courts in the state of Georgia, where ongoing lawsuits persist.

Only time will tell if this will help Trump in his battle for the Presidency against the self-proclaimed President-Elect Biden. The way this entire process has gone thus far is horrible. It paints our system as being the circus that lots of Americans have already believed it was. Places around the nation are getting worse due to the willful neglect of the American people from elected officials at all levels of government. This election fiasco continues, but we may finally receive the respect and thought we deserve. We are obtaining what appears to be a good enough team to deliver a form of due process in this contention that we desperately need in these dark times.

Knowing that the election will is in the hands of people known to be staunch Constitutionalists, I feel somewhat relieved. I hope it will help to ensure the American people as well. Showing everyone, we are still able to conduct this process with the integrity that our election deserves.

The process up until this stage has only continued to show that the mainstream media machine is trying to deceive and mislead the American people during this unprecedented time. They are acting with no shame or dishonor in their eyes while twisting the facts to fit the plan. A plan that some want to go as far as calling for camps to rehabilitate American citizens against their wills for having a difference in opinion.

These changes to the Circuit Courts seem to be some of the bold steps they are taking. This change might be an innocent change to the Supreme Court or a direct attempt to administrate on a countrywide scale. I start to lose the feeling of safety when players make power moves of this magnitude. Instead, I enter fight or flight mode due to the ever-growing threat that seems to be apparent in this unprecedented time. The only clear understanding, at this time, this is a swing in the direction of Trump. However, the American people feel like votes got counted improperly, and the election is compromised.

With all that is happening now, Americans need to ponder how we allow ourselves to blindly follow down a path that could lead to the next civil war. At the rate it is progressing, this eventuality is not out of the realm of possible outcomes. The current projections of the election fuel the continued attacks on many Americans. Now is the time for all Americans to appear at their state and county offices and demand the justice the American people deserve. In order to preserve our way of life for the children to come.

The only request that I ask is may it come in my time so I may face it for the future of my children. May no forces foreign or domestic challenge the integrity and strength of our Republic for the freedom ALL AMERICANS DESERVE. We cannot stretch these values as far as the ENTIRE WORLD if we do not set the precedent in our own lands and never let up. The Point is we deliver a message that we deserve rights that benefit all, that we can speak up and bring to justice the ones that don’t.


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