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Georgia Finish Line

Now closing the Georgia senate races tomorrow the tension is building tonight that leads Americans, especially Georgia residents to believe that the senate strengthens their power and their capacity to influence their lives moving forward will be framed only hours from now. That outlined leads to the underlying question: have all parties at play been accounted for and will thus bring the same under growing as the open battle in regards to the electoral standing in present time. Is this going to lead to a prosecution motion that could extend the deadline, which is forever changing the fabric of our nation?

Authored by Ken Santos on Tuesday, January 5th, 2020 at 2:10 PM EST

Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

The Americans in Georgia getting out and being heard is inevitably the most honorable act that the strong conservative inhabitants of Georgia have the authority to deliver. They must ensure Raphael Warnock, one of the Democratic candidates with possible allegations of domestic abuse settled out-of-court, is not elected into office. If the Democrats win they will lock up the Senate by giving Harris the deciding vote. This will be followed by a strong socialist platform that will only perpetuate the same violent image that was broadcast throughout the party in this election.

Then, following with the running mate isn't much better than her colleague Jon Ossoff who has even called out CNN for false attacks on Loeffler preaching the false gospel by saying she was campaigning with a clansman to proceed to suggest that all in favor of her are considered to be white supremacists in regards to their voting preference. From this point of view he could not be considered racist in light of the appearance of his was, by stereotyping Loeffler. To continue the unseemly discourse which does nothing but promote their harmful program.

Bringing us to the Republican nominees. Kelly Loeffler is running to hold on to the seat she currently sits in at the Senate. Ossoff with help from CNN disproves of her based on propaganda without any evidence to support the validity of the accusations. I was shocked that CNN pointed out some facts about the allegations aimed at dispelling the misinformation. That pushes us to her running mate David Perdue, whose popularity may be fluctuating as a result of the current leaked call between Trump, legal teams, and other senators in regards to the ongoing election hunt for clarity. Not much else matters for conservatives at this point, these two Republicans must be voted in if they want to keep Democrats from potentially controlling all three branches of government.

Last, there was a rally held for all candidates with visits from President Donald Trump to give his support to Loeffler and Perdue. This appeared to be a last attempt to raise awareness of the necessity of them getting elected despite the Republican Party not supporting Trump. This meeting will push the spread of strength to the Americans of Georgia and ensure that their voices will be heard and highlight that every vote can make a difference. This is essential to make sure we are able to keep the socialist, communist revolutionary types from preventing us from becoming war free and grow for all Americans for generations. The alternative will only result in Americans continuing to face the possible removal of all Trump's policies. Go out and vote on our way to DC.

President-Elect Joe Biden showed his support for the Democratic Party nominees Warnock and Ossoff. Expressing how if they pick up the two senate seats with the possible Harris as VP would allow for a monopoly in the political system. This is what prompts the President the ability to pursue the most socialist, communist program in American history. That seems to have a growing call to eliminate the Constitution which will effectively threaten to abolish American freedoms. The Green New Deal will go through with no push-back as we start getting back in with many organizations we separated from during the Trump administration. The answers we are all looking for will begin tomorrow. Americans are watching because this will be the determining factor to develop the nation moving forward.


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